Connected Blocks

April 30th, 2021

Connected blocks is a small application to draw graphs. It can be used to make simple UML class diagrams, basic state diagrams or some mind mapping graphs.
The interface is minimalist, most actions are done through contextual menus or keyboard shortcuts.

Node Creation

Images Import

Images can be imported by drag and drop.

Links Creation and styling

//make a debug view of links

Html in nodes

Node Styling, resizing and deletion

When nodes are deleted the related links are removed as well.

Nodes Layout

Import and Export

A document can be exported as a JSON file. Images are contained in the file as data URI

The application also have feature that are expected from edition tools.
Undo/Redo: most actions are stored in an undo stack. The user can undo/redo them using ctrl-z and ctrl-y (or ctrl-shift-z).
Copy-paste: Nodes can be duplicated using Ctrl-c to copy and Ctrl-p to paste them.
The links between copied nodes are copied as well.